Welcome to Crinkled Papers!

This blog site is made solely for book reviewing purposes and from time to time, the blogger behind the screen might also post Random Discussions and Writing Tips. The reviews posted here are all based on personal opinions whether it be a raving or a ranting one. This is also dedicated to the avid readers and aspiring writers out there.


EveEvelyn Wang is….

– An Avid Reader of nearly all genres known to man. She especially loves Young Adult however but is willing to read Adult and Non-Fiction.

– An Aspiring Writer who keeps a journal of book ideas and scary, random thoughts. One day she wishes to be published.

– A Relentless Reviewer who is an over analyzer and a hard to please reader. She judges book fairly  by pointing out the good and the bad. All thoughts are her own and are of course, her personal opinions.

– A Nutter who happens to love honey and chocolate. She’s also a pessimist.

– A Future Ever Wanderer who wishes to cover all the grounds on Earth and collect books along the way.










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