Review Policy

On Review Request:

If you are an author/ a publisher and wishes to have your book read. Consider reading the following!

– I accept all kinds of genres that range from Middle Grade > Teens & YA > New Adult >  Adult.

In the terms of YA Fiction. I accept:

– Fantasy (Urban, High, Epic, etc)

– Historical Fiction

– Adventure



– Contemporary Fiction

– There is a form required to be filled if you wish me to take your request.

Book Title:

Book Cover:






Release Date:

Book Link:

– I accept formats in .pdf, .epub and .mobi forms.

– If you are a self-published author, I may be more reluctant to review your works unless you are more willing to send a free advanced copy of your book.

Please note that I review for free, no charges are required. If you are interested and would love to request a review from me,  e-mail me at or find me at Goodreads . I check my messages daily.
*I have the right to decline your requests*



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